What Should We Pay Attention To When Replacing Electric Vehicle Batteries?
- Sep 18, 2018 -

Battery for electric vehicles, as fish can not do without water is generally important, now the public want to replace electric vehicles battery, the choice can be various. Street lane repair shops, a variety of online shops, seemingly can meet the needs of the public, but there are some illegal traders fish dragon mixed beads, use this to earn money, harm the interests of consumers.

How can you buy a reliable electric battery?

Buy electric vehicle battery to need to consider its to continue to travel the distance near, the length of service life, safety performance is stable wait for a factor, so only good quality original electric vehicle battery, ability achieves these requirements. The public can go to the official website on the Internet to learn about the battery information they need. If they need more detailed information, they can also call the consulting phone or get the information through QQ or WeChat. They can also go to the battery manufacturer for consultation and purchase.

No matter which brand of battery is purchased, we should check whether the product logo of electric vehicle battery is complete, including manufacturer name, product model or specification, manufacturing date, trademark, polar symbol, environmental protection sign, etc. Check whether the internal and external signs are consistent, especially check whether the product ontology has a marked mark, because the quality inspection department is based on the product ontology mark when testing; Attention should be paid to whether the electric vehicle battery looks deformed, cracked and scratched, and whether the sign is clear. We should also pay attention to the rated capacity of the electric vehicle battery label. The larger the rated capacity of the battery label, the longer the discharge time of the battery.

Compared with the refurbished and branded batteries on the market, the original electric vehicle batteries with good quality have more sufficient power, longer life and more stable performance. At the same time, they can enjoy complete after-sales service.


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