Several Repair Methods Commonly Used In Electric Vehicle Batteries
- Sep 18, 2018 -

After a period of use, the battery capacity of electric cars will decline. So how do you make the battery of an electric car last longer? Here's a look at some simple ways to repair your battery to extend the life of your battery.

1. The imbalance

Repair method: find the capacity, voltage, self-discharge, battery resistance, such as the battery has been used together.

2. The water loss

Repair: pry open the cover plate above the battery. Some of the battery covers are glued ABS, and some of the batteries are connected to the touch buttons. There are skateboards. Be careful not to damage the cover when it is lifted. The rubber cap of the six exhaust valves can be seen. Open the rubber cap to reveal the vent hole, through which the battery can be seen inside. Some of the battery's exhaust valve base can be unscrewed, opening the exhaust valve base without opening the rubber valve. Some batteries have rubber caps with some padding around them. Open the cover and shine a torch on it to see if there is dryness inside the hole, that is, if the battery loses water. The battery plate is wrapped in white fiberglass wool and should normally be moist. The distilled water is inhaled through a dropper and injected into the battery through a vent. Cover the vent with a breathable shield to keep dust from falling into the vent. It's best to use medically redistilled water. The principle of hydration is less is more. Not enough can be added, more cause acid specific gravity decline, battery capacity will be insufficient. The inexperienced can be mastered by 5mL per hole. Better to look at plus, wet, shiny and watery. Wet just right, shiny more, too much water.

Special tip: use glass, plastic and other pipettes. It is recommended to use disposable medical syringe, which is convenient to use and easy to measure. The water refill tool should not use any instrument containing metal. The syringe should remove the metal needle and use it with a piece of plastic tube.

3. Sulfuric acid salination

Repair method: the vulcanized battery was repaired with the corti repair instrument, and the fuzzy digital control theory was adopted. By measuring the battery state, the positive and negative frequency conversion particle wave was continuously sent out at the same time of charging and discharging, and 10 to 20 hours were used to remove the hard lead sulfate after crystallization in the battery.

4. Plate softening

Repair method: after discharging for 10.5v, discharge for 1-5 hours with bulb. And then with an activator, activation repair.

5. A short circuit

Repair method: water battery, can be punched clear, short lead powder out! Electric battery, can quickly short the positive negative pole, will short the place to burn off!

6. Open

Repair method: 100A detection battery voltage 0V is open. Use the single measurement method to measure the open position and weld well.

Use a multimeter to measure where the battery is open!


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