Inspection And Maintenance Of Lead-acid Batteries
- Oct 13, 2018 -

Battery maintenance is indispensable, whether manual operation and maintenance, or automatic monitoring and management, are to detect the abnormal fault of individual batteries or the equipment system fault affecting battery charging and discharging performance, and actively take corrective measures to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the power supply system. Battery inspection and maintenance are divided into routine maintenance, quarterly maintenance and annual maintenance.

daily maintenance

1, ensure that the battery surface is clean and dry.

2, pay attention to the environmental temperature of battery system and the change of battery appearance.

3. Check the battery online floating charge voltage and the battery group floating charge voltage (terminal total voltage), and compare with the panel display, if necessary to correct;

4, ensure that the battery cabinet or battery room is clean, well ventilated or well lit.

quarter maintenance

1. Visually inspect the cleanliness of the outer surface of the battery, the perfect condition of the shell and cover, the appearance of the battery with or without bulging deformation, and the battery with or without overheating marks.

2. At the unified testing point of the battery system every quarter, the environmental temperature of the battery system and the average temperature of the system can be detected and recorded. When the temperature is lower than or higher than 25, the temperature control system should be adjusted. If the temperature control system is not installed, the floating charge voltage should be adjusted.

3. Measure and record the total floating charge voltage at the battery end, and compare it with the display value of the panel ammeter. If there is any difference, find out the reason and correct it in time.

4. Measure and record the floating charge voltage of each battery in the system. Under normal conditions, it should fluctuate within a certain range. If abnormality is found, find out the cause and correct it.

5. Do restorative discharge test, discharge with false load or actual load, that is, cut off the power supply, with battery power supply. It is found that individual batteries with low capacity can not be restored after balanced charging, and the batteries with low capacity should be replaced.


1, repeat quarterly maintenance of all content;

2, check the connection points between all batteries and ensure that the connection is reliable and reliable.

3. Several batteries were randomly selected for internal resistance test. Because of the wireless relationship between the internal resistance of the battery and its capacity, the internal resistance of the battery can not be used to directly indicate the accurate capacity of the battery, but the internal resistance of the battery can be used as an indicator of the "healthy" status of the battery.


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