How Do You Know How Many Volts Are In Your Electric Car?
- Sep 18, 2018 -

Electric vehicle battery voltage determination, the general simple method is to look at the vehicle charger parameters.

If there is no charger or if the parameters above the charger are not clear, you need to check the battery label. Electric vehicle batteries use 6 -- DZM -- * * AH or 8 -- DZM -- * * AH more, in which the number 6 starts with a single battery 12V, and the number 8 starts with a single battery 16V. If you look at the number of batteries used in electric cars, for example, there are four batteries at the beginning of the number 6. The battery pack used in the car is 48V. The number 8 starts with four batteries, and the battery pack voltage is 64V.

Due to the differences in voltage and amperage between each battery group, the matching charger must be used correctly. It is strictly forbidden to use different chargers, otherwise the battery or charging equipment may be damaged or even cause fire.


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