By Doing These Things, The Battery Life Will Be Doubled!
- Mar 13, 2019 -

Under the background that lithium batteries are widely used in pure electric vehicles with new energy sources, it is predicted that lithium batteries will replace lead-acid batteries. In fact, it is too early to make such a conclusion. Lead-acid batteries have a history of more than 150 years since the invention of Prandt in 1859. In the process of development, they have been constantly innovated and innovated. They are now more environmentally friendly and safe, and their performance is stable and industrial. The maturity of technology, low price, completeness of use, wide use and many other advantages have been favored. Many consumers also complain about the shortcomings of lead-acid batteries. The main problems are as follows:

1. Battery overcharge is caused by poor quality of charger. We often see the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles charged in the shed, even in winter. In order to reduce costs, some vehicle companies or dealers purchase batteries and chargers separately.  Sales, customer service, technical support, maintenance and other aspects are well developed, which can provide better after-sales service to consumers. But the cheaper the charger, the better. If the quality of the charger fails to pass, the charging overload in the charger fails to turn off automatically, resulting in the overcharge of lead-acid batteries. In the process of charging lead-acid batteries, the heat released by the batteries and the heat released by the charger will also be released. Once the continuous high temperature is still charging, there will be spontaneous combustion. In fact, in addition to the quality of batteries to ensure, the quality of chargers is particularly important.

2. Charge when battery is exhausted or choose fast charge. In order to save time and convenience, many consumers will recharge when the power is exhausted, or the battery display has a lot of capacitance, they will drive out, until the electric car has no electricity, find a place where the coin is automatically charged quickly. Little wonder, the battery has under-voltage protection function, in the absence of battery capacity is still discharging at high current, battery life will be significantly shorter. At the same time, fast charging is also a behavior that seriously affects the capacity of batteries.

3. It is easy to sulphate if the battery is not charged for a long time. If the electric vehicle is not used for a long time, we should first charge the battery before placing it. The battery itself has self-discharge phenomenon, so we should check the battery's electricity quantity regularly to charge, so as to avoid the battery in a state of power deficit. Long-term power deficit will make the battery sulfate, the battery capacity will be greatly reduced until the battery fails.

Fourth, overloading is harmful to batteries and other parts. In the process of overloading, large current discharge is needed, which has great impact and harmfulness on motors, controllers and batteries. Some consumers buy electric vehicles to carry a lot of heavy goods. It can be imagined that electric vehicles can not run far in less than a month or two.

Fifth, the car should not be placed in direct sunlight, nor in the rain. Lead-acid batteries are afraid of heat, scald and rain. Once exposed to high temperature for a long time, the battery will go wrong. Similarly, the car is afraid of rain, if the waterproof function of each power interface is poor, there will be leakage, encounter large capacity batteries, it will bring the danger of electric shock.

Sixth, bad riding habits. Some consumers like to screw to the end to move forward at the fastest speed, resulting in the impact of high current on motors, batteries and controllers; when climbing the hill, they screw the handlebars and increase the current, and want to climb the hill with all their breath, rather than get off. These are the major taboos in the use of electric vehicles. High current discharge can cause serious impact on batteries.


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