Battery Cost Of Lithium Forklift Truck
- Feb 05, 2019 -

1. Annual maintenance. In the process of system integration, lithium batteries are modularized to ensure the quality of batteries through capacitive screening. In the actual use of lithium forklift battery, the capacity and voltage of each battery will gradually change, resulting in consistency deviation. It's like a group of people running, starting on the same starting line, but gradually opening the gap after starting. Deviation from consistency to battery performance is affected by the worst core, and overall performance decreases. So a simple consistency maintenance is needed every year. Give each cell a maintenance, restore consistency, battery overall performance is better, longer life.

Price trap. Lithium forklift truck batteries are in the limelight, and the price is also chaotic. There are both high quality and low price, but there are also low quality and high price. Therefore, when making purchasing decisions, we should not blindly compare prices, but depend on the quality behind prices. It would be unreasonable if the price was lower than the price of the market cores. After all, the countries that have phased out automobiles have not yet established strict circulation control, and the quality of the phased out cores is uneven, so the buyers can't defend against it.

3. The battery of Evidence lithium forklift truck upholds the advanced market concept. The product has a wide range of adaptability. It can flexibly support forklift truck, tractor, golf cart, aerial work vehicle, etc. It is equipped with charging and discharging pre-heating function to ensure the working conditions below 0 C. At the same time, it has perfect solutions for heat balance management of different working conditions of car body under high temperature in summer, and effectively prolongs the service life of lithium battery.


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