Winter is coming, how should electric bicycle battery maintain?
- Sep 18, 2018 -

As winter approaches, many car owners will find electric bikes "running less than they used to" and "charging more." In fact, it's all about electric bike batteries, which are frozen. Most electric cars are still powered by conventional lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid battery can be normal battery during temperature 25 ℃ or so, when the temperature drops lead-acid battery reduced the activity of various substances, the resistance increases, the decrease of battery capacity, the charge efficiency drops, storage capacity of the battery. In winter, if you want to keep your electric bike running smoothly, you need to do battery maintenance.

One, want frequent charge

In winter, electric bicycle batteries are easy to run out of electricity, so if the conditions, with the charge, must not lose electricity. Even if you are not far from the renewal requirement, a charge can be used for 2 to 3 days, but it is still recommended that you charge the battery every day, which is conducive to the battery in the shallow circulation state, and the battery life will be extended.

Learn to stay warm

The best ambient temperature for battery charging is 25 degrees Celsius. In cold winter conditions, it is necessary to increase the charging voltage and extend the charging time, and adopt thermal insulation and anti-freezing measures. For example, electric bicycle batteries can be stored in the room with higher temperature when not in use. If the battery is not removable, the e-bike can be parked indoors for the night.

Third, good at helping

When riding should be as far as possible use help, taxi. When going downhill, use inertia as much as possible and slide to slow down. Enter the taxi ahead of time at traffic lights to minimize braking. In addition, when starting up, it is better to add riding power and pedal the ground to help the car start. Not only can the starting speed be improved, but also the battery power loss can be reduced.

Pay attention to damp proof

When the battery enters a warm room from the low temperature outside, frost condensation occurs on the surface of the battery. In order to avoid the battery leakage or short circuit caused by frost condensation, it should be cleaned in time and charged after drying. Winter rain snow is more, do not ride deep water, deep snow place, in case of battery, motor damp, also want to pay attention to moistureproof at the same time, for instance can move electric car indoor, or with moistureproof cloth cover.


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