Several methods for judging battery electrodes
- Sep 18, 2018 -

This paper introduces several simple methods of correctly identifying the positive and negative electrodes of old storage battery. For everyone to make a quick judgment when charging or testing by themselves.

1. Judged according to the design characteristics of the accumulator electrode

General use of storage battery in production design. The larger end of the battery pile is the positive electrode. At the other end, the electrodes are slightly negative, and the color of the battery post can be identified, with the positive post appearing dark brown and the negative post dark grey. In addition, the positive and negative marks of some batteries are indicated by English letters, that is, P is the positive electrode, and N is the negative electrode.

2. Use multimeter voltage damper for measurement

The multimeter can be transferred to the dc stop, and the two meter pens are respectively bonded on the two electrodes of the storage battery. At this time, if the battery shows a normal voltage value, the positive electrode of the battery touched by the red meter is proved to be the positive electrode of the battery. The black pen is the negative electrode. Sometimes there is no normal voltage in the battery, the weak micro-storage capacity of the battery can be measured to judge. When two pens touch the electrode of the battery, if the needle moves slightly to the right, it is proved that the red pen is the positive electrode of the battery. The black pen is the negative electrode. However, if the multimeter pointer moves to the left (the dial is turned back), it proves that the red pen is touching the negative electrode of the battery.

3. Identify by conducting short circuit

Will each of the two copper core power line jumper at the old battery electrodes to measure, then the normal configuration good electrolyte (strong brine) into a glass cup, insert the power cord ends respectively inside the cup, and put on both sides of the glass edge (two lines in the cup can't touching one another), and then observe their pins bubbling in the electrolyte, if a pan of vesicles on the wire and terminal bubbles and more obviously. It indicates that the end of the battery connected with the power cord is the negative electrode, and the less obvious end of the bubble is the positive electrode of the battery.

4. Measurement by rectifier diode

A rectifier diode in a power supply stabilizer has one-way electrical conductivity. A 40w incandescent lamp. Then in turn according to the battery and a pile of diode + end to diode - end to incandescent lamp, battery connected, another pile in order to form a light series circuit, at this time if circuits of incandescent lamp is lit, is extreme and battery pile junction diode is the battery positive electrode, the other end of the battery negative electrode.


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