Matters needing attention when using battery
- Sep 18, 2018 -

Matters needing attention when using battery

1. The contact parts of electrical appliances and batteries should be cleaned, wiped with a wet cloth when necessary, and properly loaded according to the polarity mark after drying. When installing the battery, it is very important to install the polarity (" + "and" - "). The recommended battery should be installed and used according to the instructions of the electrical appliance. Failure to comply with specifications can result in appliance failure and damage to electrical appliances and/or batteries.

2. All batteries in one battery should be replaced at the same time. Old and new batteries should not be mixed; Do not mix batteries of the same model but of different electrochemical types or brands, otherwise some batteries in a set of batteries will be overdischarged during use, thus increasing the possibility of liquid leakage.

3. The disposable battery cannot be regenerated by heating or charging, otherwise it may explode.

4. Do not short circuit the battery to avoid the leakage of the battery and the resulting heat damage to the insulation outer package.

5. Take out the battery in time when the electric appliance is not in use for a long time, and turn off the power supply after use, so as to avoid leakage caused by adverse chemical reactions in the battery caused by continuous discharge.

6. Do not throw away the waste battery at will, and separate it from other garbage as much as possible


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