Lead acid battery and lithium battery charger can be used
- Sep 18, 2018 -

As the process of replacing lead-acid batteries with lithium-ion ones continues to accelerate, some people who buy a lead-acid battery and replace it with a lithium-ion one are left wondering: can the lead-acid battery charger be used to recharge the battery? This, the relevant data shows, is not feasible.

Since lead-acid battery chargers are generally set to two or three charging modes, the voltage level between the lithium battery and the lead-acid battery does not match. There are many kinds of lithium battery, and the performance of the battery and the parameters of the battery protection plate may be different. So lithium batteries don't have universal battery chargers like lead-acid batteries. Typically, lithium batteries are shipped with special chargers. To protect the lithium battery, use a special charger.

Here are some things to note when recharging a lithium battery:

1. In order to prolong the life of lithium batteries, frequent charging and discharging is required. To get into the habit of charging electric cars after they use 80% of their electricity, they cannot wait until they run out of electricity. In addition, lithium batteries should not be stored for a long time.

2. When charging the ev battery, the electric door lock must be closed and the battery shall not be inverted. Charging should be full once, not multiple charges.

3. Electric appliances should not be stored in the state of loss of electricity, so when the battery is not in use, it shall be charged once a month.

4. When recharging a lithium battery, it is necessary to use a matching charger. Due to different battery raw materials and production process of lithium battery, the technical requirements of the charger are different.

5. When the lithium battery is out of power, the power supply shall be turned off and the battery shall not be driven by the rising voltage to prevent serious power loss, so as to extend the battery life.

6. When charging the lithium battery of an electric vehicle, it will be recharged for 1-2 hours when the charging indicator light shows full power. It is not appropriate to stop charging immediately.


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