How to ensure the heat dissipation of electric vehicle batteries in time
- Sep 18, 2018 -

Electric vehicle batteries will generate a lot of heat during charging and using. If they are not evacuated in time, the temperature will be too high or even natural. Therefore, electric vehicle battery manufacturers pay great attention to this problem in the design and production process. However, according to the market research results, many users do not care much about its heat dissipation, so there are frequent cases of overheating and even fire of electric vehicles. So how can you avoid it? How can we ensure that electric vehicle batteries are used in a timely manner?

1. The battery should be installed in a reasonable position

From the appearance of the first electric vehicle to now, it has experienced the development of multiple brands and stages. Different stages have different features and advantages. The design of the battery position of electric vehicles has also undergone several changes. For example, the remote installation at the beginning, although safe, will lead to cable elongation, increased resistance, fast rise of cable temperature, and large power consumption. Being too close is bad for riding.

Both left and right can cause a lot of trouble during cycling, causing falls and other accidents.

Second, a good ventilation environment

Although most of the batteries are exposed, a large part of them are still hidden inside the electric vehicle, which will cause poor heat dissipation if the ventilation environment is not good. Poor heat dissipation will inevitably accumulate in the battery cabin, affecting the user's comfort and battery life.

Third, the appropriate height should not be low

The cells contain water, which is the protection of the battery's chemical reaction. The battery's lack of water will seriously affect its electrolytic reaction, so it is better to be higher in the selection of the installation position. In addition, the battery can't be flooded, and if the battery is too low, it will get soaked in the rain, causing the battery to fail.

Select high-quality batteries

According to the survey data, 90 percent of people will choose better electric vehicle batteries for long-term use. Some of these people, however, have higher requirements for the quality of batteries.

Electric car battery is like the heart of electric car, the heart is good, electric car is good, can run farther, more powerful. And if the heart is bad, it won't last long, even if it's new. So, the proposal wants to buy the friend of electric car battery, before buying must be compared in many ways, the choice is the most cost-effective to buy it.


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