How to buy batteries
- Sep 18, 2018 -

How to buy batteries

1. Select battery products marked with "national inspection exemption" and "China famous brand" and local famous brand battery products, which can guarantee the quality to a certain extent.

2. Select suitable battery type and specification and size according to the requirements of electric appliances, and purchase suitable electric appliances according to the size and characteristics of electric appliances

The battery.

3. Check the production date and warranty period of the battery; purchase the recently produced battery (new battery), which has good performance.

4. Pay attention to the appearance of the battery. Choose batteries with delicate packaging, clean appearance and no signs of leakage.

5. Pay attention to the logo of the battery. The name of the manufacturer, battery polarity, battery model, nominal voltage and trademark shall be marked on the battery label; On the sales package (such as 2 or 4 thermal shrinkage, or hanging card), there should be the Chinese factory address, production date and warranty period, or the deadline indicating the warranty period, and the number of the execution standard. Buy ALKALINE zinc-manganese batteries with the label ALKALINE or LR.

6. As the mercury in the battery is harmful to the environment, in order to protect the environment, the battery with the words "no mercury", "0% mercury" and "no mercury" should be selected when buying.


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