Electric vehicle lead acid battery selection method
- Sep 18, 2018 -

Now electric vehicles more and more common, both urban and rural areas, almost every household with a, once the electric motor for a long time, the maintenance times is too much, will have to replace rechargeable batteries, and electric vehicle battery you may have to be careful of choose and buy, counterfeit batteries not only service life is short, can cause economic loss to us, and some still exist great harm, there is also a great hidden danger for our health, such as leakage, explosion, etc.

So how do we choose the right lead-acid battery for electric vehicles? How can we tell if the lead batteries we buy are brand new and not just a fraud? The following small make up teaches you three moves, wishes you to choose the new genuine electric vehicle battery.

First, look at the look. When we buy the battery, we should check whether the outer package is broken or damaged, and then check whether the lead-acid battery has traces of scratches and abrasions on its surface. In addition, we should check whether there is rust on the metal terminal of positive and negative battery.

Secondly, many brands of electric vehicle batteries will be in the factory when the battery cover at the interface security labels, to see whether the security labels are normal. You can also scrape off the security label password coating to verify authenticity. Finally, look at the production date on the battery. Some consumers will ask: one of the batteries of my electric car is broken. If I want to replace the broken battery, can I use both the old and new batteries? The personage inside course of study to tell you, don't be string together with old and new battery, the old battery string to a new battery with a new battery will damage, after all, the original new battery production is after a match set after packing factory, if used together with the old battery, will affect the performance of the new battery, also can make new battery premature deterioration.

Third, this is the safest way, and the easiest way, but most people do not want to do this, on each battery is a unique number, you can contact the manufacturer of the battery to check the authenticity of the battery as well as the old and new.


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